Monday, January 15, 2007

Good arrows!

It's been a while - but I'm happy to get back in the blogging saddle with a roundup of what's been on my mind for the last week or so.

First of all, congratulations to Martin 'Wolfie' Adams for finally winning the World Darts Championship. In a thrilling best-of-13 sets final, Adams went 6-0 up before the break, but then lost the next 6 sets to Phil 'Nixy' Nixon. He finally held it together in the final set to win 7-6. It's a funny old game, darts. Many people dislike it or have a strong indifference to it, but that's usually because they haven't watched it. I got my wife to watch it with me and she was hooked. Next time you have the chance, tune in and get carried away with the silly nicknames, 180's and 'Let's Play Darts' chanting and general friendliness of the whole competition.

Physics World currently has a special issue on the forthcoming publishing revolution in physics, stemming from an adoption of web2.0 services for online journals. Some articles are free to read online, but you'll need the paper copy to read all about it(!). PhysMath Central will, of course, be a central player here. Some examples of our intentions are spelt out in this interview with First Author: BioMed Central Branches Out.

Finally, FlashEarth is a great mapping application that lets you switch between Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Earth on the fly. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best!


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